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To most, this number signifies little or nothing at all. However, to the elite athletes around the world, 1,460 is the approximate number of days they have to train between their respective Olympic games.

Can you imagine the pressure to perform, the agony of defeat, or the bliss of success that these athletes experience after four years of training to represent their respective country in an event that may only last a matter of minutes?

Most of us will never have the opportunity to perform on the world stage quite like these Olympic athletes. Therefore, out of respect for their hard work for your country, we owe it to ourselves to take our own professional training just as seriously so we can perform at the highest level in our energy careers.

Take the first step to elevating your energy career to "Olympic levels" by viewing our upcoming world-class energy training schedule.

As you watch your favorite Olympic athletes go for gold at this year's summer games keep in mind the true meaning of 1,460 and that committing to just a few training days to enhance your energy career is well worth it.

Enjoy the games,

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This e-newsletter has a new look and feel to match the many exciting initiatives we, here, at The Oxford Princeton Programme are undertaking as we all head into the 2nd Half of 2012...

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The company conference, whether for a Sales team or multiple functions, remains an annual staple for colleagues to review strategies, promote new products, and enhance team-building. It is by design that these are conducted away from the office if not in a different country to ensure teams, some regional, some global, have the valuable interaction with colleagues that cannot be beat by video and teleconferences.
A growing number of requests have poured in for The Oxford Princeton Programme to supplement these gatherings with training designed to meet the wider goals of a conference. Three of the most recent examples of what we have facilitated include:

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We, here, at The Oxford Princeton Programme, constantly strive for the best learning possible through strong, relevant content, world-class expert instruction and impeccable customer service. But one of our courses' differentiating features delegates consistently feedback to us is the quality of our interactive simulations (or what some call "games" which is much more than the word might suggest), and how they benefit employees the moment they return to work. In just about all of our course offerings, we ensure a mix of course instruction, case studies, and often, trading simulations which provide participants with a realistic and carefully-crafted opportunity to apply principles learned during the course into actual decision-making. Typically, teams are faced with shifting market conditions that might affect how they go about deciding whether to take a particular course of action.

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