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The Oxford Princeton Programme was formed in July 2000 by the merging of two longstanding entities -- The College of Petroleum and Energy Studies (Oxford, UK) and Princeton Energy Programme (Princeton, New Jersey, USA) -- making it the world's leading provider of commercial education and training solutions to the energy and derivatives industries. A regional office opened in Singapore in February 2007 to service the Asia Pacific region. Thousands of energy business professionals and a distinguished group of corporate clients turn each year to The Oxford Princeton Programme as their trusted resource for unsurpassed instruction.

In order to meet each individual or team’s training requirement, The Oxford Princeton Programme offers three levels of training:


The Oxford Princeton Programme Gold CoursesCourses run a variety of lengths up to five days therefore providing the depth and breadth necessary to cover a subject, general or specialised, comprehensively. Instruction includes lectures, team-driven simulations and case studies throughout. As an option, a Diploma in International Oil Supply and Trading as well as a Certificate in Derivatives Hedging, Pricing and Risk Management are awarded for completion of a required series of courses. Ongoing interaction with faculty as well as fellow industry professionals ensures solid networking and cross-learning opportunities. For Oxford-based courses, delegates can also choose the accommodation package and a class dinner is organised for at least one night during the course.



The Oxford Princeton Programme Silver Courses

Courses run one to two days and are designed as overviews or surveys on various energy subjects. They are led by a roster of expert instructors who provide a mix of lectures, case studies and shorter team-driven simulations when appropriate. These are ideal for new industry entrants and hires or professionals who seek a tutorial on a particular topic. In most cases, a web-based pre-study module is available to ensure key terms and concepts are introduced ahead of time.




The Oxford Princeton Programme Web-based Training CoursesCourses are available as standalone self-paced web-based sessions accessible 24/7 from any Internet-enabled computer. A variety of energy titles are available 24/7 from any Internet-enabled laptop or computer. Titles can be found in our library at www.princetonlive.com.



The Oxford Princeton Programme faculty roster is comprised of expert professionals renowned as well as actively engaged within their respective sectors. They are committed to delivering the best instruction possible based on the most up-to-the date knowledge available. 

Most gold or silver instructor-led courses can be brought on-site or in-house and even customised to address specific needs. For more information on these, please contact us:

Tel UK: +44 1865 250521
Tel US: (609) 520-9099
Tel Singapore: (+65) 6837 8030

UK: (+44) 1865 250521   |   USA: (+1) 713 343 1699   |   Singapore: (+65) 6722 3845


Email us at info@oxfordprinceton.com

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   The Oxford Princeton Programme, Inc. is not affiliated with Princeton University, Oxford University, or Oxford University Press.