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Categories: Oil Industry, Downstream Marketing and Retail

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Gold Course This course will develop the essential knowledge and skills required to help ensure that managers make more reliable decisions when designing and implementing retail market strategies. The principal aspects of gaining objective insights into markets, the importance of network planning, applying proper key business performance indicators and the use of information technology are all dealt with in context. Other key matters such as the different modes of network and site management and property optimisations are also included.


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Those who determine or have an influence on retail market strategies, particularly those related to investment, marketing and sales. Delegates will likely have a basic understanding or some experience of the retail oil industry, although this is not essential. Oil company retail career staff generally will find the course most useful.

  • Scenario and network planning - comprehend their uses and apply their principles
  • Network data collection - understand and apply the essential elements of compiling and maintaining a reliable database
  • Market opportunity analysis - analyse a market (existing or potential), and produce a broad business strategy to optimise opportunities
  • Business performance measures - appreciate the latest methods of performance management and how they are used
  • Network and site management - objectively consider the pros and cons of the various alternatives
  • Brand management - perceive the importance of preserving branding and other marketing matters when considering retail strategies.
  • Property management -apply methods to help secure its optimum potential


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