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Leading up to the games, the news surrounding the Summer Olympics in Rio has primarily focused on the political, environmental and infrastructure obstacles facing the event.  While the concerns are legitimate, it is important to remember that seemingly every Olympic Games has dealt with controversy at some level.  It is only natural when millions of athletes and supporters from countries around the world will pour into one city for this two-week exhibition.  It is everyone’s hope that the spirit, goodwill and tradition of this event will overcome the challenges!

The real casualty of these issues has been the lack of attention paid to our incredible athletes who have sacrificed the last four years to train for their competition.  Aside from the glaring personal sacrifices, many of these athletes forego stable careers for a chance at gold.  With all that at stake and the driving forces behind their training, it is no wonder these athletes make unbelievable feats look routine.

No matter the driving force behind your professional goals, these Olympic athletes offer us two crucial reminders...

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