September 2016 - eNewsletters

The latest September 2016 editions of The Energy Education Pipeline eNewsletter are now available.

Welcome to the homestretch of 2016!

Personally, this is my absolute favorite time of the year in the office.  Everyone always returns from the summer holiday season reinvigorated and ready to finish the year off strong.  Part of finishing up strong includes taking advantage of your remaining training budget.  That makes this is our busiest time of the year and the unofficial season of energy education!

To celebrate our favorite time of the year, we have some very exciting things in store for you starting with...

September 2016  - North American Edition

September 2016  - International Edition

September 2016  - Asia Pacific Edition

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New Online Training Course - Mexican Energy Reform – US Export Opportunities

Mexican Energy Reform – US Export Opportunities is an online training course that provides insight into the growing volumes of natural gas and refined products being exported across the southern border of the US to help supply Mexico’s growing electric power and energy demand. Several factors, such as Mexico’s historic 2013 Energy Reform, a growing abundance of relatively inexpensive US fuels and the continuing energy-related infrastructure buildout between the two nations, are driving this trade. These developments are also changing global supply patterns and serve as the catalyst for new investment and marketing opportunities for US and global businesses.

You will learn to:

  • Identify the drivers behind Mexico’s growing energy demand
  • Recognize the role played by existing gas export pipelines
  • Point out the various regulatory agencies and their roles in Mexico’s new market structure
  • Identify the market implications of new infrastructure projects under development
  • Identify new market opportunities created by changing fuel economics and shifting trade patterns

Click here to learn more and begin the course now!

August 2016 - eNewsletters

The latest August 2016 editions of The Energy Education Pipeline eNewsletter are now available.

Leading up to the games, the news surrounding the Summer Olympics in Rio has primarily focused on the political, environmental and infrastructure obstacles facing the event.  While the concerns are legitimate, it is important to remember that seemingly every Olympic Games has dealt with controversy at some level.  It is only natural when millions of athletes and supporters from countries around the world will pour into one city for this two-week exhibition.  It is everyone’s hope that the spirit, goodwill and tradition of this event will overcome the challenges!

The real casualty of these issues has been the lack of attention paid to our incredible athletes who have sacrificed the last four years to train for their competition.  Aside from the glaring personal sacrifices, many of these athletes forego stable careers for a chance at gold.  With all that at stake and the driving forces behind their training, it is no wonder these athletes make unbelievable feats look routine.

No matter the driving force behind your professional goals, these Olympic athletes offer us two crucial reminders...

August 2016  - North American Edition

August 2016  - International Edition

August 2016  - Asia Pacific Edition

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Brand New Course! Realising the Potential of Natural Gas: A Guide to the Markets and Utilisation

Over the span of three days, this compelling course will provide an introduction to the development of natural gas resources as well as spotlight the challenges and opportunities involved in bringing the world’s fastest growing fossil fuel from reservoir to consumer.

Currently, low energy prices worldwide are challenging the natural gas industry’s best and brightest participants to extract the maximum value from their resources through ‘monetising every molecule’ and avoiding stranded gas.  This course will put you on the path to success by providing the foundational insight to assess and optimise project development options.  Then we will focus on what practical considerations must be taken into account to find, develop and monetise natural gas resources by a variety of methods including:

  • Pipelines
  • Gas to power
  • LNG
  • GTL
  • Gas-based petrochemicals

Through a series of real-life case studies and interactive team exercises, attendees will be immersed in the material to ensure comprehension.  There are no prerequisites for this course.

Upcoming schedule:
8-11 November 2016 in Houston, TX
14-16 November 2016 in Dubai, UAE
12-14 December 2016 in Singapore, SG

Review the complete course outline and register here!

Brand New Course! Principles of Tanker Ownership, Chartering, Operations, Laytime and Demurrage

Making sound business decisions concerning tanker ownership, chartering, operations and coverage strategies demands a good understanding of key issues and their potential impact. This basic course covers the crude oil, petroleum products, chemicals and gas transportation sectors. This course also examines the important economic, financial, contractual, environmental and legislative issues when evaluating contract options, chartering and investment strategies, logistics and operating tactics.

This course will also provide practical understanding and instruction in the complexities of laytime and demurrage and in so doing, de-mystify them. Emphasis is placed on how to avoid potential problems from the outset, how to limit risk and exposure and ultimately save money through the efficient handling of claims and avoidance of costly legal proceedings. The course highlights differences between major charter parties and the problems encountered between shipping and oil sales contracts.

Case studies and practical sessions provide delegates with hands-on experience of decision making in this area. There are no pre-requisites for this course, nor is any advanced preparation required. This is a three day course.

Upcoming schedule:
5-7 October 2016 in Singapore, SG

Review the complete course outline and register here!

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