Marketing and Sales of Fuels and Key Services at Retail Service Stations - RS1 

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Categories: Oil Industry, Downstream Marketing and Retail

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Gold Course This course is replacing RM0 – Retail marketing – Maximising Outlets and Networks

This course explains and develops the proven key management practices and procedures required to maximise success in retailing. It deals with the optimisation of network marketing and sales, business performance management, understanding a market place, brand management, the principal service station operating management options and consequences, and customer relations management.

The essence of the course is to advise and explain to delegates the best business practices in the subject matters, so that they may develop the necessary skills to help them become professional business managers.

Case studies and interactive debates are included in the programme.

What you will learn

  • How to optimise the profitability of sales of branded products and services from an established service station network.
  • How to understand both competitors and customers to constructively capitalise on business opportunities.
  • The essential principles of Brand Management at practical levels.
  • On site ?Business in Business’ concepts & arrangements.
  • An overview of site and network management ? the options and the respective consequences.
  • An understanding of good practices regarding network planning and investment.
  • Good principles to apply to personal time management.
  • Good practices & procedures regarding on site Health Safety and Environmental matters.


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The course is suitable for oil company staff as well as those responsible for professionally advising them.

Those who design, manage, implement or in any way affect or influence policies regarding:

  • Sales & Marketing of products and services.
  • Business performance management.
  • Dry and wet stock supply chain management.
  • Service station design and layout (non technical)
  • Practical Brand management.
  • Health Safety & Environmental matters as they affect retail service stations.
  • Customer Relations management.

Note. It is recommended that delegates attending this course consider attending the Planning and Investment in Retail course immediately following it. It will aid their appreciation of those subject matters which have a direct effect on their activities.

Understanding a Market

  • What key aspects of a market must be identified and understood
  • What ‘type’ of business should you be in and why – what is meant by this question?
  • Who are your customers and who are your competitors – how do you know?
  • How are targets best set and business performances best measured?
  • What can be learned from other retailers in other business sectors?

Brand Management

  • How important are brands in the retail industry – practicalities and associated reasoning explained.
  • How is a ‘Brand position’ decided and how important is it in every day matters in the ‘field’?

Service Station Networks

  • Supply Chain Management (fuels & shop goods) – what are the best forms and why?
  • What types of site management are there to choose from – what are the best and why?
  • Simple service station layout - design principles (non technical)
  • Identifying customers’ needs and wants – proven best practices.

Service Station Facilities

  • Fuels – understanding competitive pricing, premium pricing and promotions.
  • What are the ‘Fuels of the Future’ and how should we prepare for them?
  • Forecourt Shops – What is the ‘professional’ way to take advantage of this profitable income stream?
  • Car Care / Car Washing – is this a business we want to be in – what are the pros and cons?
  • What other compatible income streams are ‘available’ to the retail oil industry?


  • Health Safety and the Environmental – how is the retail oil business affected?
  • Customer Relations Management – the best methods for this key aspect of a retail business.


Stuart Howell – Course Director and Principal of Castle Hampton Management Consultancy established for 10 years it has international oil companies and institutional business advisers as its clients. Former head of BP's Retail business in the UK and former Director of several of its daughter companies and was the U.K. oil industry's representative on the Government's ' Better Regulation Task Force '. Has recently designed and managed retail courses throughout Europe and in Malaysia, South Africa, India and Russia.

John Smeddle - Senior Lecturer in retail and business matters and advisor to EUROPIA on matters relating to the introduction of the EURO currency. Held numerous executive posts in Shell including Shell International, and was until recently Marketing Director of its companies in Hong Kong and China, and Retail European Convergence Manager in The Hague, and Leader of Shell's European Retail Strategy Team.


“This course has been an eye opener for me on retail trends around the globe. It has also equipped me with important information/knowledge on retail.” F.M., Gulf Energy

“Fabulous training, useful, informative and stimulating” P.M., Gulf Energy
“Very professional and well organized course” S.G., Petrolina

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