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Gold Course This Course is designed to provide delegates with an understanding of petroleum product blending. Through a combination of presentations and case studies, delegates will learn the principles of product blending, applying both linear and non linear blending techniques. Delegates will learn to assess the commercial aspects of blending, valuing feedstock and appreciating the operational costs involved in blending operations. Delegates will learn the significance and determination of product quality specifications.

What You Will Learn

  • Principles of linear & non linear blending
  • Commonly used non linear blending algorithms
  • Blending practice, logistics and costs
  • Use of blending additives
  • Feedstock valuation
  • Finished product specifications, their significance and test methods
  • Accuracy of test methods, repeatability and reproducibility
  • The role of the independent inspector


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  • Personnel within the refining sector who have direct involvement in the technical, operational and economic aspects of the refinery operation (e.g. planners, and blenders)
  • Personnel within the supply trading sector who have a direct involvement in refinery operations
  • Personnel within trading companies actively involved in product blending operations

A combination presentations & exercises, the course contents include:


  • Blending Operations - logistics and economics
  • Principles and techniques of blending
  • Non linear blending algorithms
  • Process stream selection for finished products
  • Use of additives
  • Feedstock evaluation


  • The role of the inspector
  • Test method
  • Description
  • Accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility

Products - The significance of product specifications to the refiner, shipper and end user covering

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel Gasoil, Heating oil
  • Jet kerosene, DPK
  • Residual fuel oil


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