The Coal and Electricity Value Chain - CEVC 

CPE Credits Awarded: 8
Categories: The Power Industry, Other Energy Resources, E&P

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13 Jun 2017 12 May 2017 1 Day Singapore, Singapore Country: sg
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05 Sep 2017 4 Aug 2017 1 Day London, UK Country: gb
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silver 1313749141 This one-day workshop provides an introduction to all aspects of the coal and electricity supply chains, from the discovery and mining of coal to the supply of electricity to end-users.  The emphasis is on identifying opportunities and strategies for value creation within the coal and electric power industries, including infrastructure investment, physical supply chain operations and commercial trading activities.  The course explores physical supply chain processes including the mining, processing and transportation of coal, generation and transmission of electricity and end-use of both coal and electric power.  It also considers the commercial and regulatory arrangements for coal trading and for electricity trading and end-user supply.

Includes Web-based Pre-study Module
This course is accompanied by a preparatory course available online. Delegates will receive a web voucher as part of their joining instructions upon confirmation of registration. By taking advantage of this "blended" learning approach, in-class time and learning are optimized.

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to gain a greater understanding of the coal and electricity markets including new entrants to the industry, as well as existing market participants who want to broaden their market knowledge. It could also appeal to individuals in the service side of the industry (financial, software, consulting etc).

Overview of the coal industry

  • The main value creation steps from discovery and mining to end-use
  • The major markets for coal
  • Geographical distribution of resources
  • Main consumption markets
  • Industry and market participants
  • Important industry trends

Coal mining and production

  • Origins of coal
  • Physical and chemical quality characteristics of coal
  • Types of coal resources
  • Obtaining commercial access to resources
  • Basics of coal mining and production

Coal transportation, trading and markets

  • Rail and marine transportation of coal
  • Trading markets for coal
  • Coal use in power generation
  • Other coal applications

Overview of the electricity industry

  • The main value creation steps from generation to end-use
  • The main uses and markets for electricity
  • Main consumption markets
  • Industry and market participants
  • Important industry trends

Electricity generation

  • Production types and trend
  • Regional variations in fuel mi
  • Power plant project economics
  • Environmental and other regulations

Electricity transmission

  • Overview of transmission systems
  • Grids and interconnectors
  • Infrastructure ownership arrangements

Electricity markets and trading

  • Consumption statistics and trends
  • Electricity market design
  • Wholesale market trading
  • Regulation of markets and trading activity
  • Linkage between electricity and fuel markets
  • Retail marketing of electricity


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