Instructor-Led Classroom Training Competency Paths

The Oxford Princeton Programme offers flexible learning paths to competency in trading and hedging / derivatives and risk management and commodity derivatives and risk management, the oil industry, the natural gas industry, the coal industry, and the power industry. Each competency path is comprised of a series of either web-based training courses or instructor-led classroom training courses. Completion of a series results in competency within the respective subject.

Competency paths for intructor-led classroom training:

The benefit of a competency path is its flexibility, in that it allows and caters to employees that have different levels of knowledge, skill and experience. As a delegate, you can begin at any course in the path. For example, new hires to an organization would start with the first course of the path while those with previous knowledge and experience would pick an entry point to better suit their specific training requirements. Each competency path contains a range of courses that lead to competency within the subject.

Web-based training and instructor-led classroom training may be successfully integrated to provide a complete package of training solutions. Our flexible approach to training recognizes that not all businesses have the same requirements and by working together we aim to satisfy your company's training needs.

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